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Altar Servers Deacon Rollie 403.783-6168
Acolytes Fred Calkins 403.783-8736
Arts & Maria Perez 403.783-8912
Called to Protect Co-ordinator Vacant / Training will be provided
Children’s Franziska Hefti 403.872-7734
Fellowship   vacant
GiFT (Faith Diane Morin 403.963-9377
Greeters Joan Wyering 403.783-2681
Lectors Fred Calkins 403.783-8736
Maintenance Roy Fairclough 403.913-5441
Music Ministry Lydia Mandanas- 403.785-7885
Pastoral Team Irene Busat 403.783-8922
Prayer Line Judy Farwell 403.783-4347
Prayer Shawl Lynne Calkins 403.783-8736
Projector & Marlon Basanes 306.210-0421
Sacristan Vacant
Volunteer Ligaya Cayabyab 403.783-5003
Youth Group vacant
Ushers Roy Fairclough 403.913-5441


St. Augustine of Canterbury Parish is happy to include the following Ministries and Organizations:

Altar Servers

This ministry is open to boys and girls who have received their First Holy Communion. The servers are expected to conduct themselves with reverence and dignity. Training is provided.


The Liturgy of the Word brings about the Lord’s presence. Readers are asked to prepare by reading the Scriptures ahead of time. Reading tasks at Saturday and Sunday Masses include the two readings of the Mass as well as Announcements before Mass and the Prayers of the Faithful during Mass. These tasks are shared by two readers.

Eucharistic Ministers

Becoming a Eucharistic Minister involves offering the Cup of Salvation to our brothers and sisters in Christ at Eucharistic celebrations. There are two Eucharistic Minsters at Saturday and Sunday Masses. One EM is responsible for the purification of the Communion vessels following Mass.


Music and song are an integral part of the Liturgy. Music is not an embellishment or something ‘extra’ but rather an integral part of our worship and help us to deepen our faith. If you play an instrument or would like to sing, please join the St. Augustine Music Ministry

Children’s Liturgy

At Sunday morning Mass, volunteers teach the Gospel to preschool children and those who have not yet received their First Communion. Each lesson has a Gospel reading at the children’s level with accompanying activities.


Ushers are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that the congregation is seated efficiently in the worship area. Other duties can include turning on the lights, fan, etc before Mass. Taking up the collection and then presenting the offering with the Greeters is another task. After Mass, one Usher should ensure that the collection is put into the Deposit Bag. When everyone is gone, the Usher should make sure the door is locked, lights turned out, etc.


Greeters are usually the first people that parishioners meet as they enter the church. Therefore, it is important to offer a friendly smile, a word of greeting that makes people feel welcome in our Parish. Greeters usually work in pairs and also hand out the weekly bulletin.

Acolytes (Adult Servers)

Those serving in this ministry ensure that the other minsters scheduled for the Eucharistic celebration are present. The acolyte sets up for the Mass and helps direct the Altar Servers in their duties.

Pastoral Care

Ministers of Pastoral Care bring the Holy Eucharist to the two hospitals in Ponoka as well as Northcott Centre and also to “shut ins”. This is a very important outreach ministry to those who are unable to attend Mass in a church setting. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed.


Those involved in this ministry are tasked with keeping the Sanctuary, neat clean and organized. They are responsible for cleaning altar vessels, polishing candle sticks, etc. as well as keeping the vestments and altar cloths clean, changing the cloths and coordinating materials to the proper colors for the liturgical season.

Prayer Line

This ministry service is designed for those who need prayers in their life for whatever reason. Volunteers in this ministry “offer prayers on behalf of all those who request them”.

Arts and Decoration

The members of this ministry enhance the surroundings of the Church for all those who attend. These creative and artistic people decorate the worship area for all the liturgical celebrations and the special seasons of our faith like Christmas, Advent, Easter, and Lent with signs and symbols of the sacred. Volunteers are always welcome to help.


The Custodian of St. Augustine Parish makes sure that the church is clean. This includes the worship area, the hall, and all the entrances to the church.


The Maintenance Coordinator is responsible for looking after all the buildings associated with the church. He/she looks after building repairs, maintenance and also looks after the yard and upkeep of the outside of the church.


Members of this ministry prepare refreshments for fellowship following the Sunday morning Mass. At the present time there is no coordinator for this ministry. The Parish Secretary makes up a list based on those who volunteered.